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Human's are herbivores

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Vegan lunch at the Bakehouse, Tonbridge in January 2016.
 A feature of eating here is that the vegetables are not cooked 
or at most lightly cooked. So unusually for eating out I can 
enjoy the veg a lot as well rather than put up with it. This not 
a vegan bakery but covers all types of food particularly well.
There is anthropological view and evidence that humans were descended from apes and that fire and meat eating distinguished us from the our ape ancestors. Further to that the theory is that the brain developed from hunting but I am sure that aggression really did developed in the humans that left the "Garden of Eden". The film "2001 a Space Odyssey" - Chapter 1; Dawn of Man, The author Arthur C Clark was a science fiction (prediction) writer and took great care checking his facts and predictions;

The link below states a fairly well accepted view that humans came from plant and vegetable + some insects eating ancestors. It also says the similarities in the stomach and intestine with humans, apes, gorillas and monkeys is very close - Viva (organisation promoting veganism) go further in the anatomical comparison. An article in December 2015 on Radio 4 said that monkey, ape, gorilla and human digestive systems are identical if you dissected each you would not know which was which but that there are differences in relative sizes of each part in humans from different parts of the world correlating with there diet as well as with the other common ancestor species.

Interestingly some of our unsuccessful near ancestors had larger brains than us.

Unfortunately this is not a sharp picture but I have
 made it small so that that is not too apparent.

But Gorillas eat a lot of grasses and there digestion is comparable to a cow in fermenting in an enlarged bowl rather than in a stomach as a cow has. Otherwise more and more evidence shows that veganism covers everything a human needs but not as super-foods popularly stated but are just food. The link below expresses an underlying view that is at variance to this view;

There are many Vegan groups some bring food to share some meet in vegan café's such as this one. 
This is Fortify café in Maidstone, Kent - the chief Steph posts a lot of vegan tips and points of information on Facebook. 

Here is another perspective based on blood group types of recent humans for the past 50,000 years; I have been told of some research that vegetable only eating humans were buried separately in prehistoric times. The variance in this perspective and the out of (the jungles of) Africa plant and insect eater view may just be due to relatively shorter time span of this newer understanding and that the article concentrates on blood groups. So perhaps what is being observed is an adoption back in blood but with no basic anatomically changes;
  • Type O being the hunters
  • Type A being that have adaptations for vegetable eating.
  • Type B being those who have adaptations for milk and wheat.
  • Type AB being a combination of both A and B.

This is a lovely meal that is an off menu selection from Zorba Café, Tunbridge Wells.
I usually add salad and occasionally the owner makes lentil soup for his staff and a few customers. 
The café did not know what vegan  is but a lot of Mediterranean food happens to be vegan.
 This lunch may not be vegan but it comes close. Since I wrote this Zorba has become a 
Turkish restaurant with vegan options but no English breakfast fry-up options.

It turns out that my blood type is not the Hunter type but it may be coincidence that red meat does not suit me and milk is not ideal. Having said that the personal observation may also be more an adverse reaction to the other things that are in modern intensely farmed animal products. At a Tunbridge Wells UNA meeting in October 2015 I heard worryingly that the productivity of modern farming is; (Barrie Bain a consultant to the International Fertilizer Industry Association advising on United Nations affairs)
  • Chicken 2 times the input for a given food output. Vegan groups say the same (Animal Aid).
  • Lamb 4 times,
  • Beef 7 times. Whereas Animal Aid said this summer (Kent Vegan Fare 2015) that the intensity is not so high and have a figure of 15 times for beef and 100 times for Goose meat.
The world cannot sustain this level of consumption and has already stopped providing people with grass fed meat and free living animals as a food source for nearly all people and never did so in the past. The world has to be managed sustainably and consumption must not grow whether denied or acknowledge but avoided either way. The modern culture of home delivered pizza and the couch potato where people try to live as medieval kings and suffer diseases of those wealthy only - works for us whilst money is created in London and the income from keeping the world in conflict by war. 

Whatever farming rings a considerable amount out of animals and this motivates people to mistrust at least and have concern for what we losse in quality and humanity for acheiving such productivity.

Personally I do not like the high concentration very apparent in the taste and smell of body excretions (urine and poo taste) in intensive farmed animals and fish. The one I found hardest to pick out what was bad about it was milk. But it is has a yuckness in its taste. I found that milk is subtle one in itself seems okay but when stopped after a year other apparent sensitivities disappear and the effects of hayfever diminish. I used to refuse to eat meat when I was very young. And it was not that mum and dad where trying to force or coax me into something bad. But I am certain that my reaction was right in that case.

Photo Tonbridge Castle and River Medway, January 2016 - Camera; Cannon IXUS60.

In discussion on Facebook;

Books have been written on human anthropology but a view that fire and eating meat gave humans an advantage so that our stomach size could be reduced. "Catching Fire" by Richard Wrangham. Well was recommend.

In the summary of the book; Cooking and eating meat gave humans the genetic opportunity to reduce the amount of body mass taken up by chewing and digesting.

An off menu pizza but with no cheese once again this maybe vegan. 
It is particularly nice and Fagin's, George Street, Hastings 
have always been accommodating particularly when I used to take
 my father, in a wheel chair. That tends to sort those who will 
go out there way to help and those who will put up with a special need.
The blood group type article would coincide with that more recent history case. Humans moving into colder climates such as Inuit for example who traditionally lived hard but short lives. Having said that there is a path for us back to the Garden of Eden (with tablet computers and mobile phones) or at least the diet that goes with it but there is no other path on offer that involves the continuation of the amount of pain, consumption and exploration humans cause now.
I found my Blood donors card turns out that I am A rh D+ whatever that means but I think it means that I am of the vegan blood group. But I am not convinced and neither are many others that the problems with animal and wheat things are just those but the consequences of what is forced intensely into the animals and added to other foods due to modern intense farming that in turn harms me if I then consume them. But vegetables beans nuts seed are optimal foods for humans seems clear.
I have been working on tuning my senses to my body needs. Developing something my Dad coached me on that is to learn to like what is right and to not like what is poisonous for example sweet smell of paint.
Another book recommend was Grain Brain. It apparently say's our brain's developed with the use of grains. That makes sense the group B or AB blood type being more recent than the hunter blood group O.

A friend also recalled some information about uric acid in meat ... due to the stress of modern killing methods ... so meat eaters are, in effect, eating urine. I can confirm that I do and I can smell it (cooking meat can make my eyes sting). As that friend can also. And I agree with her that; " But frankly, given the delicious beans and grains and veg" I have cut the quote.

Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire, venue of recent VegiVentures Christmas holidays.

Having good vegan food such as I have with VegiVentures I always
 come  away wondering why anyone would want anything else? 
Also true of making my own but I agree that it takes a while to learn 
but there are a lot of people who have and if you join in with a vegan
 meet-up you may experience such food. The kitchen management is
 a model to any business creating Michelin 5* food with a mixture of people. 

When people find vegan food does not seem to suit them;

My experience of vegan or being mostly vegan is feel very good on it the more strict I am about it. But in discussion, some people have said they honestly tried and they have problems.There are junk food vegans who will expose themselves to risk of scurvy as much as any meat eater can. If you want to live like Royalty you still have to eat your fruit and veg and the veg be lightly cooked or raw like Royalty do. As I said that above.

This is proper vegan junk food it is totally eye candy and is
 everso sweet and horrible but very enjoyable despite that. 
 Vbite's in Brighton is a very smart place to eat making this experience
even nicer and it happens not to be expensive. Also there is no feeling of I 
 wish I had not had  that after anything have eaten at VBite's, no  
bloating, no lethargy, no body aches or headaches unlike what
 would feel after eating animal products, particularly red meat 

Some mothers do not produce milk for they baby's or use another mother's milk. Formula cow's milk is not good necessary and can be plainly bad with lactose intolerance. Nut milks risk, scurvy also but apparently Soya Milk seems to be good. There are a lot of things like this that will concern people but the old myth or truism to eat your fruit and veg but not processed and factory food is generally good. I add water and raw or lightly cooked, unsalted and not sugared salad, veg, fruit is essential as everyone knows but often they chose to miss out. 

Here is a guide which personally I can not endorse as I do not experience the slightest problem anyway with eating vegan but it looks good; In any case I do eat no salt, raw and lightly cooked foods because they are very nice.

I do eat too much but unlike my father it is not always fruit. Dad would keep eating any fruit until someone made him stop he did it as a boy all through life because he enjoyed it. My mum who was also born before World War 2 is Scottish and has a reasonable appetite for root vegetables consequently and tells me if she was hungry as a child she would take a potato rub the dirt off and eat it.

What we chose to eat probably over rides our natural instincts. When I was not too bothered about what I et, that was up until about 1985, I still found Coca-cola and McDonald's very horrible but then I have never conformed and went vegetarian when I left home.


  1. Absolute pseudoscience nonsense

    1. I would not say the link you post is "Absolute pseudoscience nonsense" for example personally I have no problem with eating cooked wild fish. I have acknowledge that what I observe in myself could also be or partly be down to things that are injected or fed to animals. There is a considereable reduction in the quality of animal products occured over the past 40 years particulalry fish. But an improvement in the range of fruit and veg with the lovely waxy potatoes we now get rather than just Red's or White's that were the choice when I was a boy.

  2. I understand from a Facebook discussion that the Blood-group theory is now discredited. I do not know what theory replaces it though?