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The threat of limited nuclear war in Europe conflict and misunderstanding are cultivated

 Created; 02-11-2022, changed; 25-11-2022, 26-11-2022

The threat of limited nuclear war in Europe has returned, it never went away but we could instead allow and encourage arms conversion to peaceful uses.  Teach children to resolve their conflicts and cultivate peace between our own and the people of the world.  Celebrate good things such as our health and social services and fund them better so they have slack in them rather than be one of the cheaper in the first world.  Rediscover our ability to make and enjoy things made last.  Appreciate the, by chance, and for a long time, the planet has been right for life to develop eventually symbiotic relationships so that life now more and more but just about keeps the planet's environment stable for life.  But it seems more misunderstanding is being sown between people, than was the case 50 years ago, people are more remote from war, that is World Wars 1 and 2 are a long time ago now. They were different to modern wars in that a lot of people died or the war was conducted on home grounds against all of us.  American nuclear weapons in Europe may be described as for Limited War, Strategic, Theatre, or Tactical but are unlikely to be limited to just UK and Europe nuclear missiles being smaller is misleading they are still very big.  Nuclear winter would more easily be the outcome than thought in the 1980s and would be triggered by 40 warheads which could be launched by one missile such as from a British nuclear submarine by consent of the USA. 

Little tolerance of diversity by us may mean the final demise of soviet Russia imminently?

In a conventional sense US nuclear weapon since the 1980s based in places like Germany have no counter reply to possibility by the USSR.  Early in the 1980s Perishing 2 was deployed in Germany and had a flight time of just five minutes to their targets in the USSR.  USSR's reply would take 20 minutes to land in the USA and blow up its targets, the old ICBMs USSR used to have taken a number of hours to fuel first unlike the sold fuel ICBMs USA had.  Similarly, Cruise missiles would fly for a number of hours undetected and then have a very high chance, as all the other new US weapons had, of destroying nuclear missile silos that had not already launched missiles.  USSR also developed SS20 missiles similar to cruise missiles, but these could not retaliate against the USA but only against us in Europe and the UK but with very high accuracy also similarly.  A victory for the peace movement was that Cruise missiles were withdrawn but that was a hollow victory, parts were reused, and many more mobile ground-launched missiles were deployed in the 1990s.  It is still very silly logic, particularly to push Russian Federation that its government seems with good reason to be nervous, with 14 countries with US-controlled weaponry pointing at it.   Arms reduction did occur during the 1990s although new weapons were then and are now being brought to Europe over the past decade.

 Soviet magazine cartoon about 1956 of the USSR's military generals eating excessively at the Soviet canteen table whilst all the other tables of government services, health etc. starve.

NATO was formed in 1949 but the USSR was refused entry and they subsequently formed the Warsaw Pact in 1955. 

In the 1950s USA had the only then overwhelming superiority using B52 bombers armed with nuclear warheads but USSR developed some Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles and had superior rocket technology.  At that time the nuclear warheads were very big the tests did a lot of damage which was not all settled and compensated for, the nuclear winter was not known about although electromagnetic pulse was understood and anecdote says the USSR had prepared for it by using valve technology which tends to spark but not break (somewhat capacitors and resistors also have their voltage limits).  In 1963 agreement was made to stop testing nuclear bombs in the atmosphere by USA and USSR,  this of cause does not resolve the question of why every other country should not have nuclear weapons to make them also so-called safe?  A comprehensive test ban treaty never came into force but no major country has carried out nuclear bomb tests since the 1990s.  Finally, Nuclear weapons became illegal in January 2021.  But countries have not complied with but have reinterpreted these international laws, there had been many steps leading to this such as an international judgement in 2000 by World court judges that could not foresee a legal use of nuclear weapons.  No First Use, A campaign to have states state that they will not use nuclear weapons first has been running for many decades.

My personal view which is not widely said or admitted to is that US President Trump (2017-2021) held the USA's military back from interference using negotiation and meeting with leaders instead (Such as Kim Jong-un of North Korea, and Vladimir Putin of Russia).  His period of less interference by the USA in the world allowed important international peace treaties to also be signed.  The problem is Donald Trump's vulgar and offensive manner and his aggressive business reputation has been used against him by those whose intentions are worse.

President Jimmy Carter is widely recognised as kind and a peace-maker in the world but nuclear weapons were deployed in Europe for war under his feet (whilst he was in office).  Similarly, President Barak Obama promised much but he seemed to have been too nice despite getting a Nobel prize proved to be ineffective.  Princess Dianna's campaign to ban landmines was effective,  Olof Palme the former Swedish Prime Minister's commission to making a nuclear-free zone in Europe the proposal was well supported by other countries but got little media coverage.  Various Generals around the world against nuclear weapons including Earl Mount Batten had switched from plotting against the Labour government to being vehemently against nuclear weapons. 

People are losing the ability to talk, debate and listen;
In one of the big shops in Tunbridge Wells the guy on the till was playing a game involving names of fruit and veg via the shop's internal radio communication system, this is fine, there are many well-educated people being creative outside of work.   I find that all till operators are polite, will spend a momentary time of day to comment and assist with your buying, and draw people to their till consequently.  The automatic machines don't do that, and I don't like them, but my mum used to like them, if you re-scan enough times the machine beeps, a manager runs about, and my mum then goes to the till and complains about the machine not working leaving the store with a big naughty grin.

Social skills, working and playing in cooperation are important, but I see less and less of them.  The Labour Party, and the Unions, used to make a point of teaching parliamentary rules of order, but I observe this is much less so everywhere.  I get the impression that the Parliamentary Conservative government are in a bad state with very public argument, but this makes news and the media of cause like to promote that regardless of how harmful it is, and counter to any duty to scrutinise and improve government.  I do not think the Labour Party is in a healthy state it lets itself be bounced into expelling people when they quote historical truths and support oppressed people in their own homelands such as Palestine.  The leaderships of significant political parties self-sensor more strictly than if they were challenged by reasoned argument.  By comparison, United States American citizens (when I visited New York) use British Roberts Rules of Order widely and these rule books can be purchased easily. 

People use phones and become hurt by discussion and debate rather than parting as friends who don't agree.  Girls and boys won't stop and ask a stranger for directions to a place they can't find, was an example I was given.  The teenager can get stressed about doing so.  Some of this is down to parental pressure on teaching.  Schools should give a general education, but they don't, one of the problems identified in the 1980s when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament advocated peace studies, teaching children to work and play and how to resolve conflict with each other.  Then the students need to be helped towards what interests them and gaining a general education but less what is expected of them so that they don't fail regardless of their prosperity in due cause.  I started work in 1975 when more so if you could do the job, you got the job and I have been an electronics design engineer qualified with 7 CSE's (GCSE's), and BTEC HND learnt day release at a technical college.  I could have left college my course tutor advised and gone to university.
The problem with teenage children being too shy to ask directions I was told of.   I observe that different classes and wealthy people behave differently plus children are not necessarily brought up with a diversity of those that have good or poor health, ability or wealth.  This is a decisive way of bringing up and educating children.
Super regenerative radio.  Many of the home-constructed radios made during the 1920s were similar to this design 
but used diode and triode valves.  Point contact diodes though invented were not being manufactured at this time. 
The transistor amplifies the radio frequency and the regeneration is set so that the transistor nearly oscillates, increasing the 
amplification called positive feedback.  The diodes rectify the radio signal this is the detector that demodulates the signal 
to audio which is also amplified by the transistor and also adds more positive feedback.  L1 filters out the radio signal and 
carry's the audio signal to the headphones.  The circuit works well without the reaction C2 which I did not fit considering 
there was enough positive feedback when I constructed the circuit in about 1970 using salvaged parts from radios, an 
OC44 transistor and diodes were similar to OA91.  The circuit is more complicated than it looks for example the choice 
of obsolete germanium parts makes the detector more sensitive.  The positive feedback makes the radio more selective so 
you can hear one station rather than a clutter of many radio stations.  An Engineers Perspective - Engineering - Electronics

I have worked for small companies mostly, but I have worked for big companies and seen very poor design work at job interviews with quite prestigious companies that employ the top marked students from universities.  They also need the boys and girls who made and disassembled things from perhaps before they went to school and know how to make things work.  The understanding of electromagnetic fields which is to do with radio interference is very important and can be missing, if the circuit simply does the job without additional components and a good PCB layout, it won't do that job well.  I have also worked for a big German-owned company it was an efficient and nice company to work for and different to an English company.  I have also worked for a short time for a company that could not design new equipment any more and a few bullies had settled in to resist change that would have exposed those bullies' incompetence.

Teachers, professionals, and old guys like me that end up fixing or making things right in the first place need to be learnt from (either listen to or watch what they do) but the teacher be permitted to teach a general education the student then knows how to ask and learn for the rest of there lives.  

Consequently, the risk of war is exasperated, and the first world has exploited this to its short-term advantage;
The USA have stacked nuclear weapons, with UK's consent, ready for war here since the Windscale fire in 1957, at that time it was not known if this nuclear reaction could be stopped.  The Soviet Union or The Russian Federation have not used nuclear or dirty nuclear weapons, and what they have might now be old technology.  The Soviet Union have always pulled back from the brink this has given us a very false sense of security and people say it won't happen and at the same time the same people used to say in the 1970s that Russian tanks will roll across Europe.  The build-up by the USA of warheads in Europe pointing at Russia is intensive, they no doubt try to ensure war is provoked but conducted away from the USA.  I do not know if the UK will push the nuclear button first, we already breaks international law by having nuclear weapons and the British defence minister boasted that we have a 3-1 superiority when the war in Ukraine started.  That is on top of the great difference in the culture I discuss above, and the lack of appreciation of the consequences of war and nuclear winter, compared to when I was a boy.

I don't see or trust people to vote for sensible government the BBC and the other media lead enough people badly.  There were periods in the 1960s and under Mrs Thatcher and Mr Gorbachev in the 1980s eventually governments did reduce the threat of nuclear war.  Following the fall of the Soviet Union Boris Yeltsin (1991-1999) probably gave away too much leaving Russians isolated, bullied and strategically important land outside of the Soviet Union and did not negotiate the former Soviet countries be no weapons zones.  They probably had no options to negotiate with and the country fell into corruption making a lot of friends in the USA, UK and other places.  The following Russian Federation Government Vladimir Putin (2000 to present) is much more nervous, understandably, but stands up against the anarchy following the fall of the USSR, hence his stronger-sounding words always.  I have not seen a British government working and for a long time Conservative governments look very broken, the rules of debate are not used and the division apparent consequently is evidently what the people vote for.

by comparison, a Soviet girl wrote to President Reagan, but her letter was dismissed, and a visit was not reciprocated by 
the USA.  During the 1980s peace groups were promoting writing to people and a lot of correspondence and visits 
occurred between the USA, USSR, UK and other countries.  It turned out that Mrs Thatcher was very popular in the 
USSR.  Perestroika and Glasnost were initiated under Presidents Andropov and Gorbachov were lightening up perhaps 
too quickly, but the soviet people wanted more even sooner.  The relationship between the USA, USSR and the allies 
was good during World War 2 and again under presidents Kennedy and Krushchev in the 1960s. 

Evidently, if governments don't govern then military interests will profit to our detriment.  The Ukraine war is about destroying the Russian Federation Government, evidently, a continuation of policy against most other countries not conforming to capitalist systems.  Some would have continued after Germany was defeated to turn on our big ally the USSR.  Animosity was cultivated against the USSR over the next three years after the end of WW2 and they were called the enemy instead.  The US military tricked USSR into excessive military expense.  It has always been necessary for the government to hold the vested interests back in doing that, but President Biden is not doing it sadly for the environment, and people of Europe in and surrounding the conflict.  I don't think there is any deep thinking, perhaps only that something seems to turn up and we survive, or that a bit of nuclear winter and population reduction by war will postpone the problem would be, okay?  The first model that worked was TTAPS in 1983, which warned of nuclear winter but also led to much better modelling of climate change, and predicted heating rather than another ice age coming, and this is due to man-made pollution.  The pollution is poisonous and kills many more people than road crashes and causes a high proportion of health services costs, but the warnings are needed and need to be headed more seriously.

Dad's Army TV series we laughed with them, not at them.  -  That was an important point, they made mistakes but we think of the real home guard, all the same, doing their best.  That culture of being in it together was cultivated and remained somewhat true until 1980.

The myth of a war conducted under British rules of gentlemanly behaviour;
Is a myth, whistleblowers are locked up, drones kill people remotely, and so-called conventional weapons are very destructive.  So how else would you train a soldier without, making him hate, fear, be very on edge and devalue people, that is, damaging him to make him harm someone he has no reason to dislike?  "total war", had been true prior to WW2.  British used poison, bacteria and torture in their camps in the 19th century at least as much as any other country.  World War two was somewhat an exception, prisoners were taken rather than killed, and officers got treated well in prison camps but German prisoners worked on farms with one token Tommy (British soldier to stop dozens of them from running away).   On the other hand, the Russians had been known for them fighting to their own death for their country, they had been surrounded by a dozen or so adverse countries for centuries and still are.

It seems that the "civilised" support the sycophants and bullies.  But those sycophants and bullies infiltrate everywhere if you do not stand up to them. 

Don't trust media they sow anger and conflict;
There are better documentaries than those on TV shows designed to inform instead, TV and radio mix both so mislead.  By comparison, TV broadcasts are designed to annoy or entertain but do not inform necessarily.  Rather more like The World About Us series that started when BBC2 first started.  These are available on the web such as TED talks or video-hosting sites, although I do not think many of The World About Us series which brought us films of things now gone, still exist; 

Life on Earth has evolved to manage the temperature with greater stability despite the sun being 30% hotter than when life on earth started about 3.8 billion years ago.  Fungi moved to the land and animals developed oxygen stabilised.  See; The Entire History of the Earth on explains how simpler life forms may have started more widely and briefly possibly as nearby as Mars.  Life has never been created in a laboratory for example.  The Gaia system we have and life that has advanced so far as it has, might be unique in our Milky Way galaxy, is the view of some scientists.  Life on Earth will revert to simpler forms, go dormant and peter out slowly over the next two billion years as the water is lost.  Douglas Adams said the complex life we have on Earth could be unique in the Universe. 

The mushroom network underground is like the brain but connects over a large distance of the mushroom that can be a number of square kilometres.  The peaceful nature of people taking psychotropic mushrooms or plants makes it easier for the police to deal with than drunk people, but those passive people don't fight wars willingly. 

Mrs May before becoming Prime Minister (2016-2019) coined the criticism of her own party, the Nasty Party, I think she tried like those before to make changes, but the populist pressure keeps it as it is if you want to get elected.  By comparison, the great orator Michael Foot (1913-2010) said in parliament to look after the little people because the big ones can look after themselves. 

Harold Wilson did not lead a left-wing Labour government (1974-1976) by the standards of the 1970s.  The Government policies were fairly similar to the preceding Ted Heath Conservative government (1970-74).  Most governments were not against organised labour although the media and the establishment were.  There are theories about leading people who effectively promoted peace but have been killed.  The BBC documentary from 2006, coup planned against the Harold Wilson government concluded the establishment believed its own propaganda though it was quite a ridiculous  Wikipedia

The cruise missiles promotional video show on BBC TV in 1979 woke a considerable number
of us up into worrying that the US military was walking us all into Nuclear war in Europe.  The 
peace camps at Greenham Common were formed, many many specialists, professional and 
ordinary groups organised at a local level and demonstrated.  The video of the cruise missile 
vehicle is out and ready to go. - it only use is to be used first despite what the video says.

As if to get a left-leaning green government that would limit war you have to vote Republican in the USA or Conservative in the UK.  But you then don't get what you wanted but what you voted for.   That is you rarely get the opportunity to vote for what you wanted approximately, and you won't get that by trying to second guess to counter the media spin.  It is what the consensus wants after informed discussion rather than the consensus suggested by the media interpose between discussion and mislead and misinform. 

That Mrs thatcher was allowed to do what less than a decade earlier the establishment and MI5 had acted to prevent although no such peace between different systems was being discussed.  It should have been thought rather than buying the Cheverlee upgrade to Polaris submarine to be delivered obsolete to be commissioned as the trident submarine delivered.
    • The military doesn't have to report their emissions but chose to seriously under-report them.  Recent studies find US military pollution is more than there most polluting other countries and UK military pollution is more than many of the more polluting countries.

Discussion points;
  • I understand that despite what is commonly said large wind turbines have a much more constant supply of wind at the greater height they work.  In addition, the airflow is more uniform, so the horizontal usually three-blade types are more efficient.  But they don't work in a cyclone.  HVDC grids are expensive and technically difficult but very efficient and one million-volt DC grids can transport electricity across a continent.  But we are not going to limit temperature rise to 1.5'C so the Earth will get hotter, the sea will rise, and fewer of the people and places that feed and supply the first world will survive. 
  • If basic income or other means people had enough money to buy and keep well-made things, then the environmental pressure caused by wastage being profitable could be reduced. This is how things were made until 1960 which seems to be the point where this changed, Raleigh Bicycles were not guaranteed forever anymore or made to last 100 years.

1946 Lenton sports, the bike is light, light to pedal, fast and very comfortable compared to modern bicycles.  Typical of 
many things textiles such as coats made to last a lifetime were still made in 1975 when I purchased my Burtons made-to-
measure overcoat, it was still in good order but for a loose button after 30 years of use and I was too big for it.  My 1974 
Timex watch was very accurate and robust and also lasted 30 years.  An Engineers Perspective: Lenton Sports bicycle
These things were not cheap but were nicer the longer they were used proving themselves over and over again.
The Peugeot Course sports bicycle made about 2000 is a more expensive bike to run, parts wear quickly but spares are 
available.  Modifications such as wider tires and a straight handlebar rather than the original drop handlebar both 
changes have made the bike very light to pedal and a lot less uncomfortable.   In other words, there are still options 
 other than buying veteran or vintage bike, but it now costs more to live in a greener way than it did in the past. 
People have used their buying power to make that repair less worthwhile.

Evidently, the English-speaking world is more aggressive, scared of and harmful towards each other and harmful to the living systems of the planet.  Although the climate is much more stable than it was 420 million years ago when life first moved on land and more stable than billions of years earlier when Gaia systems had not formed but the chance went the right way for the Earth for life to form and maintain since the formation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago.

Modern human's effect on the living planet.

Popular Junk;
Designed to wear out or become obsolete seemed to start in 1960.  The era was changing.

Sinclair Scientific - still works was made in the late 1970s but they never worked well.

Sinclair never said what they made was junk whereas Gerald Ratner said his jewellery was crap and his jewellery chain of shops went out of business soon after.  Language has more force than physical feeling and seeing for ourselves. The term post-modernism is the term for this.  Shops preferred selling Sinclair over Commodore calculators because the former was more profitable, and Sinclair supported the product well.  The American product was and still is very much nicer, very clear reliable keypad so you can type a formula without looking at the display and then press = and the answer is right.  My SR9190R is very reliable and comprehensive some of the statistical functions are complex with the different parts of the answer placed in different memories.  The earlier models had a larger vacuum fluorescent display.  American, European and other countries have maintained higher expectations for what they buy generally, and their people keep them longer.

The kit matchbox-size radio and Sinclair's first four-function calculator were probably okay but after that, it was very well-marketed junk.  As teenagers and young men, we talked about it and bought junk out of curiosity.  I have a Sinclair scientific calculator unusually it probably still works but never worked reliably.  So, I bought a proper Commodore scientific calculator for college which is still a very nice calculator 45 years later.

Sinclair Scientific - Reverse polish notation some said, as a joke, to put the answer in before the question but the + key was Enter and then the Function key served as equals.  If a trig function took a long time, it was wrong, and that was explained in the little manual with the Sinclair Scientific.  Sinclair captured the era of buying junk playing with it and discarding it soon after.  Sadly, how bikes changed after the 1970s, clothes made to wear out and PCs with operating systems and software that wear out get unnecessarily bloated and slower.

Commodore Scientific calculator SR9190 of about 1977, at the present time, although the battery has no capacity 
the calculator is in perfect working order.  The keys have a particularly nice tactile click, so you don't need to 
look at the screen whilst you enter a formula.  I have hardly used the calculator since I left college though.

There are choices people have the buying power we need to choose to re-use, repair, and buy better.  We could choose to look after the people who have less choice due to poverty.   Restore some of the duties service providers, Financial service providers and others had once to provide honest advice - it seems that experience is very mixed on those things.  Use Tourist Information they check to a minimum standard before advising the booking fee is well worthwhile.


These changes to a sort of maturing after the Empire, have not occurred or were stopped.  But the interest is popular and occurred with the rise of the Momentum Labour and Green Party’s 2015 - 2019. This requires inspiration as happened and was led by people as much as the government during and after World War 2.  So, what does Russia have the first world wants more cheaply than by using trade? Perhaps it is nuclear materials?  Following the current dash for nuclear once again.

Momentum really meant what it said, and Jeremy Corbyn live the ways he campaigned for this drew out a lot of hypocrisy in people of a reasonable liberal nature who it turned out did not want those things after all.  The lie people spin was exposed.  Some pretend reasonableness when it comes apparent that they can't face saying they want to keep their cars, while others in the world have no choice but to walk and bike and only consume per person as much as running a fridge.  People have rebuilt their lies or some will have changed.
Criticism of nuclear power - for SGR 2022

My father reminded me that people used to be proud of being employed by a public or nationalised industry in the 1960s.  But the media criticism has been intensely against anything publicly run efficiently or not.

Dale Vince of Ecotricity supported Momentum Labour and the nationalisation of the energy industries.  If influential people support it, it will work.  If ordinary people support it we won’t hear much about it, unfortunately.

It seems that the British love having foreign companies run services so they can bash them particularly if they do what they do well rather than badly.  I observed this, particularly when Connex Southeast ran the trains in my region, they were good but bashed publicly for being French but their response to complaints was buried in lots of erroneous complaints.  It seems whoever runs a service has to manage the media and spin its story well rather than do its job well.  This is the bigger issue; I think it is a major factor of what is called Post Modernism - words matter more than action.

Bruce Kent dies in early June 2022;
Where CND scored over other protests was not to be divided.  That is non-violent-direct-action as well as those who did not want to do that were all supportive.  The CND never endorsed violence racism etc. Bruce Kent visited Greenham Common and other peace camps and cut wire symbolically to be arrested but also to emphasise the point as leader of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

In 1979 Wireless World (once the magazine of the Marconi company) published a very powerful editorial Microchip and Mega Deaths, Letters came in for about 18 months one of those came from Bruce Kent on behalf of CND.  This inspired many of us and Electronics for Peace was formed, and many other professional groups also formed at this time.  Some of these became;

I think the green movements thought that protest was easy but made bad divisive mistakes the CND had not made there were considerable pressures the CND office was overloaded with work and doing silly things but in 1980 membership was doubling every few months I think going past 500,000 from perhaps 10,000 members in a few years.

The risk to the state is that peace could break out.
  • 10,000s of the missionaries went native in past centuries when they found things better where they were and did not come home. We can choose our future better rather than let air quality for example stay poor.”

Just for a brief while during WW2 ordinary people were billeted together, isolated from the media, and there was a mutual bond between the classes for survival so that is when that control was broken over the people. Gradually the people gave that control of their lives away.  The state would not have another war on home grounds again.

A lesson from COVID;
The good things that came out of this have been the time people had with their children, cycling and a brief period of better air quality.  I develop this more in my blog;

The BBC has a shallow veneer of responsible reporting, interspersed with good programme creation. They make the story such as to Google when Excite was the best search engine.  Imbalance on Momentum Labour though they did correct that in the day in a token counter programme broadcast. I observe that if something they lead on does not come about then they balance it with a programme on Radio 4 during the day. 

It was shown how the Bush-Gore Presidential election was fixed with unserviced machines causing holes not to be punched, ballot boxes not collected and counted the result declared before the fraud was checked.  But in the USA the corruption is now hidden by invisible electronic transmission of data and Trump may well have had his victory stolen from him so that the US war machine would not be held back.  In the UK, Harold Wilson was plotted against by the establishment but Mrs Thatcher was eventually plotted against, although she respected government unlike recent conservative governments and would have resigned using due process if that process had been used, undoubtedly!

Poor India;
Serve us, their old ruler, at the expense of their own people.  The same is true in famine, where countries frantically export food, whilst their people starve, and British arms makers corrupt their governments to buy weapons.  First-world countries interfere and cause conflict to keep it always so, the UK is the No. 1 exporter of weapons in recent years.

Poor rest of the world;
Prestigious events such as sports events bring a lot of money to a few people in many counties but there is often a sad story of disposed poor made homeless and thousands of workers dying constructing the facility. 

Fairtrade is a good slogan but I get the impression that not much of it occurs?

What we gave up that the UK did well or could have done;

The best film of the 20th century is said to be 2001 A Space Odyssey, which is technically excellent.  Film producers used to come to England in order to get the best production work for some chosen films.  One of very few truly Science Fiction stories has one mistake Dave should have breathed out before crossing the vacuum of space back to Discovery.  The sequel film 2010 shows cooperation between the Soviets and Americans in space exploration which did come about in the 1980s, until then The USSR led in many areas of space and rocketry their space station MIR functioned for 14 years during that time the USSR fell.  It had an international team of visitors and holds many space records. 

What would have saved us from the Second World War would have been to have fed and protected the starving Europeans after the First World War.  King George V argued for that.  Nature is not Red in Tooth and Claw but has a lot of symbioses, hybridisation and cooperation.  Neither should any human system of governing need to be inefficient.  That is capitalism need not be Red in Tooth and Claw.  The mixed economy we had until 1979 worked well.

The pressure that the Soviet Union was put under by threat to it from us resulted surely in the successful rocket program and circling the moon and the eventual landing there although the Unions science was carried out with comparative secrecy;

First picture of the dark side of the moon taken in 1959

Luna 9 landed on the moon successfully in 1965.  Apparently, the Daily Mail reported the story and printed pictures from the moon's surface intercepted by Jodrell Bank before Russia confirmed the success.  The first pictures of the dark side of the moon had been sent back to earth by Luna 3 in 1959. And an earlier Luna 2 crashed to the moon.

I was wondering what NASA was doing at the same time and I looked up the infamous Papermate pen that was used in space by NASA. Papermate launched and advertised its new pen that could write upside-down in space in 1965.  Meanwhile, cosmonauts were using pencils (sensibly) but were put down.  The story is a myth but illustrates fairly accurately the waste in military spending the intended spin-off from space research.

Of the highest world military spenders, Britain and United States spend the highest on military, war and hate by the proportion of land area than any other country this is profitable for a few, but it is likely that the majority of people look the other way but think a few crumbs from the business of spreading hate and selling weapons is still a lot of crumbs for us. The Soviet Union was refused entry to NATO, and it embarked on an almost crippling programme of military spending and developed an Intercontinental Ballistic missile during the 1950s. This was counter to the USA's claimed superiority in being able to destroy the Soviet Union with its vast force of B52 bombers.

People support war and blame governments that conduct them for them;

I am disappointed that so few signed the petition below and the parliamentary one is now closed but 38 degrees is still running.  My wording is very similar to what Jeremy Corbyn said on behalf of the Labour Party. I think it is evidence that people still support the Bush/Blair wars, and that parliament was correct to vote for war even if it was mostly Conservative MPs who voted for such a war.

People wanted a scapegoat for the actions they also wanted.  I think it is more likely that the media make and spin popular conversation one way then the other way.  The USA and UK invade and cause more conflict in the world than any other countries and have done for centuries.

The Soviet pencil and the multi-million-dollar pen anecdote is well known and the problem seen of military spending on such a vast scale is mostly turned into no functional or useless output.  Atoms for peace was coined by General D. Eisenhower in order to produce nuclear warheads not to produce electricity.  Britain’s first nuclear power station, Calder Hall, was switched on to the grid by the Queen but it never produced electricity.  It is debatable if nuclear warheads are fitted and armed in reality the number of near misses and accidents and cock-ups happening should have, by now, but has not led to nuclear contamination or nuclear detonation.

Brexit Britain’s security policy: cutting aid to spend on weapons

Some of my information sources; 
Star Trek and Blake's 7, TV series, are two sides of the same coin view of the Federation. Like many Science fiction films and TV there 
is virtually no science in the stories but many of the stories portray human things but more easily by being elsewhere away from Earth.

In the 1980s the Government admitted to there being about 5-9 US bases in the UK, but good journalist research counted about 50 military bases and a similar number of non-military bases.  The present figure for US bases spread around the world is not big but is 900 in 2022,  USA's Military Empire: A Visual Database - World BEYOND War - these are not as a world policeman or the universes oppressor as science fiction would have it such as TV series's Star Trek, or Blake's 7 but to some degree, they both prevent as well as stir up conflict.  The same could be said of UK's former Empire and present financial interest and commonwealth perhaps?

In the 1970s space research started to form as opposed to for-military gain, Voyager space crafts have travelled beyond the solar system in that time.  Fantastic on a world scale for the longevity of the two missions and the science discovered.  The Earth can be observed looking back but it is less than one pixel.  So even if life on earth has developed to a unique degree in the Universe that does not make humans important or that any future life form will ever leave our solar system?  That is we are still unimportant in the scale of things, and what we think we know does not amount to much.