Sunday, 15 October 2017

Swan Song of Quality BBCTV

Not only has TV become Americanised with a very pessimistic outlook but popular food very sweet, salted thereby loosing subtle textures and essences. But American film and TV has slid further as if instead to portray kindness and humanity as make-believe or only what a very few super people can bring about. No wonder people look back to the post Victorian and pre-1980 consensus observing a can do, will do way of life fondly. But it can be this way now but not by being negative about government EU etc. but encouraging the positive. We can look back or we can look around there is excellent film and TV produced now. There are inspired food such as the wonderful vegan food I enjoy although there is plenty of vegan junk food. Also I use this website-blog to promote and explain good electronics design, my profession.

The later TV film version of Quatemass and the Pit is all round better production and is probably the best of all TV science fiction series. See Gareth Thomas actor discovering the ancient fossil, he later stars in Blake's 7.

Generally BBC started becoming populist in 1960 rather than quality and popular. The fifth Dr Who was at least as good as the first Dr. The distinctive thing about the earlier Quatemass TV series was the seriousness that the story was played - nasty would be nasty - The First Dr. and companions took there roles seriously the props were real the pleasure and annoyance were real.

 The original pre-1960 version does the human interactions very well. Quatemass - the Boffin meets and speaks with the government department they don't understand what he can do but they know he can do it and they give him all the support he needs
Many small old British companies used to work this we they cultivated there far sited engineers in the same way - I have worked for such company and been in that position.

This continued 1970's TV story's but never as good as the first Doctor Who or what had preceded that TV series. The last good Doctor Who was the 5th as if a Swan Song for all good BBCTV - they showed us they could do it at least as well as they had in the past. Then this TV series went rapidly down the pan with all TV.

Back Orchid - good simple traditional short story - BBC has always done these well. The fire is the fire of London which Dr Who happens to have been involved in just like many of the original Dr Who story's which visited historical events.

I am pleased that my mother pointed the change some nearly 30 years ago to me, soon after I gave up TV. One of the Radio 4 arty programmes in recent years acknowledged the policy change in about 1960 - although the policy never rippled through fully until 30 years ago - as I said.

The original Star Trek were similarly very good and did not avoid portraying a captain who mostly meant well but abused his position. In this story his dalliance with a woman is destructively. Spoke warns him repeatedly but is ignored but days of remorse follow.

By comparison the character Tasha is killed by an alien in Star Trek - Next Generation - solemn funeral happens - all happy again music and titles go up. All the human emotion cut out of the show just as any British made TV show.

If you find a copy of the BBC Radio story Bomber of about 1997 - it is performed and made in the year of the 75th anniversary of the BBC and is once again excellent. The programming was generally excellent for that anniversary year. Dumbing down did not just happen!

Developing other points raised above;

The difference between Space fiction such as Blake's 7 and Star Trek is that there is no science in Star Trek. 2001 A Space Odyssey is Science Fiction and is was very carefully checked for accuracy of the predictions and science. There is a mistake though Dave should have breathed out before he crossed the vacuum of space to Discovery. Apparently the production team forgot to check the point. Dr Who comes somewhere between the struggle science had between precise Newtonian physics and the imprecise nature of particles and dealing with multiple things happening concurrently (solving simultaneous equations). 

Star Trek, Next Generation - Force of Nature

Observing the error the Arthur C Clark admits too (2001) is repeated in Star Trek - Force of Nature caused my suspension of disbelieve falter but that is necessary to remind us that there is no science in Star Trek but it is enjoyable and the actors skilfully convincingly fake it. 

 Two great TV and film creators Kneale and Kubrick

The temperament portrayed may be Far-sited they are not unique 10%  of the population are of the far-sited temperament. The four temperament types seem to be present in animals. So a few of those 1 in 10 sheep may lead the others through the gap in the fence. I discus temperament on my website.

Stanley Kubrick's relationship with film companies was as the boffin who is supported with everything needed because investors know he will produce excellence almost regardless of making money. Kubrick came to the UK to use the best film makers there were and made the best film of the 20th century - 2001 a space Odyssey, of cause.

Monday, 17 April 2017


A few years ago was the anniversary of Luna 9 landing on the moon successfully in 1965.  Apparently the Daily Mail reported the story and printed pictures from the moon surface intercepted by Jodrell Bank before Russia confirmed the success.  First pictures of the dark side of the moon had been sent back to earth by Luna 3 in 1959.  And an earlier Luna 2 crashed to the moon.

I was wondering what NASA was doing at the same time and I looked up the infamous Papermate pen that was used in space by NASA.  Papermate launched and advertised its new pen that could write upside-down in space in 1965.  Meanwhile cosmonauts were using pencils (sensibly) but was the put down.

Of the highest world military spenders, Britain and United States spend the highest on military, war and hate by proportion of land area than any other country this is profitable for a few but it is likely that the majority of people look the other way but think a few crumbs from the business of spreading hate and selling weapons is still a lot of crumbs for us. 

CARTOON of the military eating all the food whilst the other tables starve.
The Soviet union was refused entry to NATO and it embarked on an almost crippling programme of military spending and developed an Intercontinental Ballistic missile during the 1950's.  This counter to USA's claimed superiority in being able to destroy the Soviet Union with its vast force of B52 bombers.

I am disappointed that so few signed the petition below and the parliamentary one is now closed but 38 degrees is still running. My wording is very similar to what Jeremy Corbyn said on behalf of the Labour Party. I think it is evidence that people still support Bush/Blair wars and that parliament was correct to vote for war even if it was mostly Conservative MP's who voted for such a war.

People wanted a scape goat for the actions they also wanted.

The Soviet pencil and the multi-million dollar pen anecdote is well know and the problem seen of military spending on such vast scale is mostly turned into no functional or useless output. Atoms for peace was coined by General D. Eisenhower in order to produce nuclear war heads not to produce electricity. Britain’s first nuclear power station, Colder Hall, was switched on to the grid by the Queen but it never produced electricity. It is debatable if nuclear warheads are fitted and armed in reality the number of near misses and accidents and cock-ups happening should have, by now, but has not lead to nuclear contamination or nuclear detonation.

Film and TV produced very good space fiction at this time
 - Forbidden Planet a machine produces matter from vast amounts of energy creating the nightmares deep in the mind of the user.

- Dr Who's fourth story, Edge of Destruction shows us the machine is telepathic also can deliver virtual electric shocks, a bump on the head turns out to be virtual injury, a melted clock face with hands melted to warn of only a number of minute to destruction. The only way humans may get anywhere else in space will be by some technology that we can barely imagine even in fiction how it could be done.

If stirring conflict and hate were to stop being funded then no doubt space and nuclear power research that spin in technology for an otherwise inefficient military industrial complex would have to find other funding or cease. USA could have the National Health Service it people have always wanted instead.

The best film of the 20th Century - I agree and one of the very few truly Science Fiction. Perhaps leaving the forests, jungles and vegetable eating to aggression and eating meat was a bad turn for humans?