Saturday, 9 January 2016

Planning and the environment in Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge clock tower. The building opposite was a very nicely rebuilt in 1992 with the RVP from the former Army & Navy then finally Chessman's department store. Only to be spoilt in 2015 by the bold bright blue red and white bank owned by an American.

Panoramic photo taken in January 2016 - I am surprised how it came out considering people and traffic were moving between each photo. But the Chessman's building shows a fault in the photo stitching and a double roof join can be seen. Camera; Cannon IXUS 60.

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Waitrose Tonbridge - Coconut cherry and cashew slice

 Waitrose Tonbridge - Coconut cherry and cashew slice - vegan 50p

Camera; Cannon IXUS60  (no flash)
Choice of café’s in the Tonbridge Waitrose since November 2015.
New little café - a very lovely small vegan coconut and cherry slice (tried it a month ago) On a paper plate with a paper cup of coffee and a plastic spoon. And a cramped seating area. With the card 60p.
Old bigger café area revamped - an ordinary section of nice cakes and things containing milk or egg or both, china cup, china plate, metal spoon and fork. With the card £1.50 to 2.00
Stand up bar serve yourself paper cup - Buy anything in the store and present the card. No charge.
A vital Social or Commercial experiment going on here at vast expense including sections of the store closed for some weeks setting it up.