Saturday, 9 January 2016

Waitrose Tonbridge - Coconut cherry and cashew slice

 Waitrose Tonbridge - Coconut cherry and cashew slice - vegan 50p

Camera; Cannon IXUS60  (no flash)
Choice of café’s in the Tonbridge Waitrose since November 2015.
New little café - a very lovely small vegan coconut and cherry slice (tried it a month ago) On a paper plate with a paper cup of coffee and a plastic spoon. And a cramped seating area. With the card 60p.
Old bigger café area revamped - an ordinary section of nice cakes and things containing milk or egg or both, china cup, china plate, metal spoon and fork. With the card £1.50 to 2.00
Stand up bar serve yourself paper cup - Buy anything in the store and present the card. No charge.
A vital Social or Commercial experiment going on here at vast expense including sections of the store closed for some weeks setting it up.

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